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Category: Education

Conference in Europe 2022 with invitation letter

Conference in Europe 2022 with invitation letter

No matter what your area of interest is, you're sure to find a conference in Europe that's perfect for you. With so many options to choose from, you can attend a conference ...

What Are The Biggest Obstacles In Conducting An Effective Meeting?

What are the biggest obstacles in conducting an effective meeting

You may have been conducting too many meetings, but there have hardly been high-quality ones. The Biggest Obstacles In Conducting An Effective Meeting. A high percentage of people who attend these meetings ...

worldwide conference

How to present your conference paper?

A guide to preparing your conference paper easily. A conference paper is not an article. You can fit 2,100 words into a 20-minute paper session. A conference paper is not a write-up. It's uncomfortable ...

Conference in Bandung

Conference in Bandung, Indonesia April 2020

Conferences are a great way to facilitate the exchange of ideas in many fields, and the upcoming conferences in Bandung, aim to facilitate exactly that. Here are some of the conferences scheduled ...

Business conference

Ultimate Guide on How to Start your Event Planning Business

Knowing event planning business Many projects or events takes place today such as conferences, seminars, meeting, ceremony, party and various other different activities which has to be managed and this management is termed ...

Electronics Conference

5 Tips for Attending an Electronics Conference

According to, “The electronics sector is typically divided between consumer electronics, electric utilities, and general electronics. Consumer electronics drive most of the growth in the sector, however. While the electronics sector ...

Conference Listing

The Advantage of an Affordable Conference Listing

The technological and industrial trends keep changing at a rapid pace. Both entrepreneurs and professionals have to explore ways to keep their businesses competitive and profitable by adopting the emerging technological and ...