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Category: Engineering and Technology

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Why should you attend an international conference on communications 2022?

Social media applications are close to us. In fact, people are close to the digital way of communication. Attending an international conference on communications 2022 will boost the user-friendly aspects. An active ...

Top 3 Upcoming Conferences In The Field Of Electronics And Computer Science In Bratislava, Slovakia

The world of science and electronics is experiencing constant change through innovation and creativity. All the lives on this planet are affected by such researches in the field of science. Everyone is ...

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Top 3 Forthcoming Conferences in New York, United States of America

Science, especially electronics, is ruling the world currently. Every second, there is a new innovation being introduced into the world of science. Everyone, thus, acknowledges the different contributions of science to the ...

Upcoming Conference

Conferences in Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada, is set to host conferences in the field of automation, science, and technology in March. These conferences will promote international collaboration amongst specialists and practitioners. Here are some of the ...

Conference in Bandung

Conference in Bandung, Indonesia April 2020

Conferences are a great way to facilitate the exchange of ideas in many fields, and the upcoming conferences in Bandung, aim to facilitate exactly that. Here are some of the conferences scheduled ...

Top International Conferences in 2020

Software and applications is a major topic that is discussed on an international platform. Academia, industrial experts, professionals, scientists, researchers and scholars from related fields gather together from around the world. They ...