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The Growing Importance of Transparency during COVID-19 Crisis

The context of transparency is an important aspect in the proper handling of any activity. The principle of keeping no secrets fosters trust between the parties involved and results in a healthy relationship. Therefore it results in smoother and stable functioning.

The importance of transparent communication becomes more important in time of difficulties. An organization needs to keep the interests of the attendees in the forefront especially during a crisis making the attendees realize the same is very important too. Deciding to become a trusted voice during a critical situation is very important. Delve into the matter without delay and act sensitively and sensibly.

Now, the question is how and in what ways?

Assessing the situation properly is the first step. Urgency is the key, but that does not mean you act without thinking. Keel calm and act responsibly.

We should remember that just like an organization spends a lot of time to make an event successful, the attendees also play an important part. “THE CUSTOMER IS THE KING” and therefore needs to be treated in the same way. Without customer, the business can come to a standstill. So, transparent communication benefits not only the attendees but the organization in the long run as well.

The world faces new challenges every day. The Covid 19 crisis has created an upheaval which requires no introduction. Taking care of the attendees is the primary responsibility of the organization now.

With so much uncertainty, it is important to be thoughtful towards the worries and needs of the attendees. Make the attendees fully aware about the changed schedule (whether cancelled or postponed), new plans and future decisions. This way, the attendees can plan their respective schedule accordingly.

Inefficiency from the side of the organization will adversely affect the entire customer base. If you wish to postpone your event, the best decision is to immediately send a message or an email to the attendee stating the same. If the organization decides to completely cancel the event, make sure your attendees get a refund as soon as possible. The other alternative decision can be to convert a live event to an online one. For this, create a separate forum to properly understand the requirements of the attendees and to explain them about your plans. Make sure you give equal attention to the needs of all the attendees and construct the plan.

An organization which takes care of its employers also cares about its customers. Therefore the organization also needs to inform the attendees about the steps being taken for the safety of its employers. Keep them posted about the sanitary precautions that are being taken at the organization. Make proper use of social media to promote such things. This will ultimately create a more trustworthy relationship between the organization and the attendees.

A few other things should be kept in mind while communicating with the attendees. Act confidently. Confident behavior will satisfy the attendees. Update your online website about important or key messages so that the attendees get the required information without delay. Send emails if you think that the information needs reach the attendees immediately. Audio and video messages can be sent through emails as well. A well-established organization can even hire a Crisis Communication Team as we to handle the situation effectively.

And last but not the least, it is important to realize the importance of keeping promises. The attendees should never regret the decision they took in deciding to choose your organization. Work for them to ultimately benefit the organization as a whole.

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