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Food science and Nutrition Conference 2020

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • About Conference

    The Food Science and Nutrition Forum Annual Meeting is an unprecedented event planned for specialists to empower the spread and use of research revelations on Food, Nutrition and Public Health, Dietetics and Nutrition, Food & Wellness, Child Nutrition Programs & School Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition, Pediatrics Nutrition, Food & Nutrition Communications, Global Food Security, Food preservation and its packaging, Food Storage and Food grading, Food Allergies and toxicology, Food Borne Diseases and Prevention, Food Hazards and HACCP, Food Preservation and Quality Standard. The main theme of the conference is “Good Food for Good Health”. We are putting endeavors towards a healthy life style moving forward to find the possible ways in decreasing the health related risk factors in different age group.

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    Lexis Conferences
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    Ayesha K
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