5th International Symposium on Asian Languages and Literatures, 20-22 June 2019, Kazakhstan

Conference Date: 20-22 June 2019

Deadline for Abstract/Paper Submissions: 16th Nov 2018

Event Type: Conference

Event Category : Interdisciplinary

Event Topic: Asian Studies, Culture, Interdisciplinary studies, Multidisciplinary Studies,

Conference Details: Cultures evolve as a response to different and competing individual and collective needs and aspirations that could be dynamic, permeable and transparent. Intersections are points that unite different paths. They are associated with not only meeting but also disintegration. When we consider the concept of intersection as a mental image beyond its physical denotation, we realize that it connotes the same meanings from a cultural standpoint, too: points of interclusion, convergence, and divergence. Do cultures prosper as they approach one another? Do they become subjective when they stray away from each other? Are the intersections nourishing elements or traps that make cultures monotonous? ADES is moving the coordinates of the intersection to Astana on 20-22 June, 2019. ADES V is inviting you to consider culture, which becomes more harmonious as it intersects, differs as it strays, becomes pluralistic as it comes together, from the perspectives of its components in the capital of Kazakhstan, hosted by Nazarbayev University.

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Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan