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Shabd Aur Sangeet-Unravelling Song Texts in the Indian Scenario


21st Jan 2017 to 22nd Jan 2017
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Contact person: Kunal Ray

The study of song- texts essentially demands inquiry and discussion from diverse fields like musicology, ethnomusicology, linguistics, literary studies, and phonology amidst several others. As has been eloquently stated by scholars Myfany Turpin and Tonya Stebbins, “songs to be highly structured art forms that have the ability to convey complex associations of meaning beyond everyday spoken language.”rnrnIn India, where oral traditions predate hand scripted manuscripts or printed compilations, poets with vastly varied literary impulses, from bhakti to riti, have for centuries written poems prescribing musical rendering in specific raags, taals and genres. There also exists a flourishing tradition of musicians and composers selectively extracting a few lines from a larger existing poem or narrative verse for use in forms that demand relatively less wordiness. Briefly then, there is ample evidence to prove that the giving, sharing, borrowing and lending between literature and music is in itself an established tradition in India where the vaggeyakar or song composer is often both poet and music composer. In the contemporary context, where music is as much ‘seen’ as heard ,the study and analysis of song-text in India must therefore be an interdisciplinary and collaborative activity between musicians, composers, musicologists, ethnomusicologists and scholars and postgraduate students of literature, linguistics, cultural studies, history, sociology, psychology, media, theatre, film and music.rnrnA two - day International Conference on song- texts is proposed for teachers, students, practitioners, independent researchers and others who might be interested across various disciplines. Papers are invited on the following themes and any others that fall within the rubric of Indian song- texts. The conference to be held on Flame University Campus on January 21 & 22, 2017 is being mentored by renowned exponents Shubha Mudgal and Dr. Aneesh Pradhan.

Organized by: Centre for South Asia
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2016-09-30

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