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Event serial No. - CA92570

19th Apr 2018 to 21st Apr 2018
NEW YORK, New York, United States of America

Contact person: Executive Director

EDUCATION SOLUTIONSINITIATIVE for the ERA of SDGs The Realizing the need for transformative change and efforts to achieve quality and inclusive education at all levels including national and local communities,the 2nd Annual Education Solutions 2017 International Conference for Educators decided on the following outcomes; i.Ensure that everyone is included in the inclusive and quality education for Lelong learning successes ii.Environment of the institution to be considered as the Planet and all within the environment must form part of the inclusive and quality education. Educational programs must be such that could address the needs of the community iii.Cultural education should be made to educate on self identity, morals, values and ethics of the environment iv.Identy challenges that could hinder SDG4 and Targets from the community v.Adopt multicultural approach to teaching and learning vi.Government to encourage access to full education for all vii.Character education to include leadership education and training, teacher education and training, participation of parents to inclusive education most necessary to achieve quality education viii.Character and Leadership education to be made part of the inclusive curriculum at all levels of education and must be applied to all the domains of education ix.Resources for Implementation and skills for evaluation of SDG4 and Targets must be put in place with immediate action to start on time to implement and evaluate the process from time to time on teachers, parents, teaching and learning materials, students and children, community participation at all levels In furthering these outcomes UNESCO Center for Global Education will from April 1921, 2018, convene its 3rd Education Solutions International Conference and training to a three day program on “Bringing SDG4 to the Classroom in Communities" for teachers, educators, school Directors managers and administrators. The program will include practical education,training, workshop and handson SDG4 and Targets. The objective of the program will strengthen momentum in ensuing the implementation of SDG4, including learning about the Sustainable Development Goals in application to classrooms in communities. The three day program will seek to incite efforts of the global community in ensuring the continuous implementation of 2030 Agenda on quality, inclusive and lelong learning to classrooms in communities.

Organized by: UNESCo Center for Global Education and Dept of Teacher Education NYIT
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 2018-03-17

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