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organizing an Academic conference
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  • February 23, 2016

Guidelines on How to Organize an Academic Conference

In terms of professional work, organizing an Academic conference is one of the most genuine ways of developing your own league in your profession. An Academic conference is a super thing to have on your Academic CV. It gives you a chance to interact with people of different ideas, profession, thinking and profession. It is one of the best way to get known into your area of profession. You can build stronger bonding with other influential men by giving personal touch. Whether you do it solo or by someone’s effort, this work is really hard but rewarding. Before organizing an Academic conference, ponder to some points to make it great.


Choosing your Topic:  Successful people make it differently. It is important to choose a topic which can appeal people and promise them something rewarding. Make sure the parameters don’t go either too narrow or too broad. Make sure the topic is genuine and also offers fresh approach.

Getting organized:  Being organized perfectly is the sign of confidence. Make sure that your preparation is going perfect. Appoint a manager who has enough experience to give a perfect touch to conference. Also appoint confident and smart host for the smooth running of your conference.

Taking the help of Professionals:  As a professional in your own field, it is tough for you to handle everything on your own. This is where you can take the help of a professional who can add stars into your conference. Ask for advice from people who have experience in organizing conferences.

Inviting delegates:  Use different method of inviting delegates. Send invitation cards instead of Email. To give a personal touch, ring them once to make sure that they feel important. Everything is not about paper work, sometimes you need to be more diplomatic to build better relation with the delegates.

Getting big names on board:  Academic conference sometimes becomes boring when there is nothing new in it. Invite special guests or big names who have influence in men. They will not only change the atmosphere of the conference but will make your conference great.

Your own behaviour:  Some people get nervous while handling large number of people. It is important for you to be confident while meeting with the delegates. Don’t be in rush while handling your guests. Appoint people for different purpose to be free in welcoming the delegates.

Hire technicians and professionals:  Don’t try to do everything by yourself. It is better to hire technicians, event managers who can supply the needed resources. It will help you to be free from extra tensions.

Embrace technology:  Use the latest technology where ever needed. Make sure that the conference hall has audiovisual technology. Also every person in the room has access to a screen where he can see presentation, manage and organize paper, etc.

Keep it in the framework of time:  Make sure that the conference doesn’t goes for too long as it will create boringness in people. Also make sure that the conference goes as documented. Some VIPs have lack of time and they can leave before the end of conference if it goes out of time.

Choose a perfect Avenue:  To add stars into your conference, choose an avenue where people feel relaxed. Don’t make it too nice as people may slope off and may not attend the sessions.

Budget and snacks:  Charge professional fee from delegates while doing registration. Do not make it cheap. Good things cost money. Set a rate which covers professional help, coffee, fruits, snacks, a decent lunch or dinner. Provide snacks and drinks in regular interval to make the best out of your delegates.

To get the most of your conference, allow the delegates to meet each other freely. Provide a place where they can have chat. Giving a friendly atmosphere will allow them to open up which is best for you.

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