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Conference Listing
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  • November 29, 2016

Simple Ways to Fully Leverage Benefits of Conference Listing

As an organizer, you must promote the upcoming conference Listing aggressively to ensure maximum attendance. But you also need to explore ways to promote the event efficiently without putting extra time, effort and money. There are a number of websites that help organizers to promote their events by targeting relevant audience. You can easily get the conference listed on the right websites to reach out to more prospective attendees within a short amount of time. However, you still need to consider some simple points to reap benefits of conference listing and promote the event more effectively.

Points to Keep in Mind while Your Conference Listing on Websites

Choose the Right Website

You have option to get the upcoming conference listed on a number of websites. You can use any online search engine to gather information about the websites that help organizers to promote their events. But you must not post the details of your event on a website based on its search engine ranking. You must read the terms and conditions mentioned on the website, and check the other conferences listed on your website. You also need to check if the website will promote your event by sending email alerts to its subscribers.

Post Conference Details on Multiple Websites

As mentioned earlier, you can get your conference listed on a number of websites. Some of these websites allow organizers to list their events for free, whereas others provide paid conference listing options. But the number of subscribers differs from one website to another. Hence, you must get the upcoming conference listed on multiple websites to reach out to more prospective attendees. However, it is also important to get the conference listed only on reliable and reputable websites.

Convey All Required Information to Prospective Attendees

While listing the conference on a website, you have option to provide a wide range of information about the event. But you cannot post all information about the conference on an external website. Hence, you must check the details that can be posted on each website. If the website imposed restrictions on word count, you have to ensure that all relevant information about the conference like topic, schedule, venue, and deadline for submitting abstract is posted on the website.

Encourage Attendees to Visit Event Website

You can use the conference listing as a tool to divert prospective attendees to the original event website. It is always important to mention the URL of the original event website on the listing page clearly. If the website does not provide you any option to mention the URL separately, you must include it in the description section of the conference. Also, you must insert the hyperlink exactly to make it easier for enthusiasts to visit the original event website to gather additional information.

On the whole, you have option to get the conference listed on a number of websites. But you must list the event on the right websites to reach out to the relevant audience, and convey detailed information about the event to each participant.

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