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Business conferences
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  • February 05, 2016

Top 10 Tips to Plan a Successful Business Conference

Business conference was one stop proof that you are serious about your business and know a lot about it than most who are jumping into the business. A conference would help in pretty good count of contacts; you might get more business out of this conference and get more number of people visiting your company. The word-of-mouth works wonders to businesses, so here are 10 awesome tops that would help you to plan and execute your business conference at ease and ensure that it is successful.

  1. Purpose of the business conference

Ensure that you have a proper purpose behind the conference and ensure to invite as many business professionals as possible, clients, and friends who are interested in the topic. The purpose of the conference should swirl around the vision and mission of the business itself or something relative to it.

  1. Plan ahead

A conference has a lot to do, so it is always better to start planning months before the conference and start working towards it. Plan ahead and start working with the team if you’re planning a big conference, ensure to divide the works within the individuals and execute accordingly.

  1. Meeting agenda

Any announcement of a conference calls for an agenda. Plan the agenda with acute importance to the schedule and what one can get out of it. Once the agenda is set, it would also help those dropping by to choose the sessions that are of interest to them. The more interesting the agenda and the speakers are, the most successful is the conference.

  1. Topics to discuss

First decide the topics that would be discussed on that particular day. Once it is decided, then list down and pick the right speaker who has enough knowledge on it. This would help in getting you’re participants ready to what to expect from the conference.

  1. Participants

Reach to your participants through the networks possible. Be it to visit the other companies, colleges or schools that fall under the category. Check where your participants are and visit them to personally invite.

  1. Venue, date and time

Ensure that your venue is accessible yet decent enough. Pick a date that would be comfortable for the speakers and participants, and then comes the time limit which would also include what you should be offering to them.

  1. Information

Giving the right information about the check in times, registrations, the parking lot information and the restrictions that might be imposed, whether food and drinks would be served or not should also be informed. Travel arrangements, internet and the agenda should follow the same.

  1. Contests

It would be of great marketing if you announce contests as well. Especially those contests that are on Facebook and requires shares, likes and tweets would be of great help to spread the word and to get more number of participants out of it. This also helps you to get more number of people, keep the first fresh list pretty engaged and the sorts. These are trending this year and ensure to use such opportunities for your business conferences.

  1. Interaction and management

Yet another key aspect is interaction. Keep talking to your folks, speakers and participants, this makes them feel valued and also would help you to manage your conference much better.

  1. Follow-up

Once the conference is over, keep in touch with them through social media or emails and ensure to get their feedback on the conference. This would help in arranging much better conferences on various topics and ensure to stay successful.



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