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Conference alert in India
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  • September 06, 2018

What Makes Most Professionals Receive Conference Alert in India?

The artificial intelligence (AI) technologies enable enterprises to take advantage of intelligent machines that work and react just like humans by simulating human intelligent process. The AI technologies enable entrepreneurs to automate most business processes and operations. Many analysts believe that the AI-powered machines and applications will lead to widespread job loss in future. At the same time, the rise and spread of AI will create a variety of new job opportunities.

Leading Indian IT companies like TCS and Infosys have already started initiatives to reskill and retrain one million workers. Also, enterprises from non-IT sectors have started reskilling employees to work with AI technologies efficiently. But no professional can take advantage of the reskilling for AI programs without being keen to work with AI. They even need to explore ways to learn AI use cases and applications across industries and regions. But most professionals have to explore ways to learn AI without impacting their work schedules and professional assignments.

The professionals can easily learn AI use cases and application through search engines, social media, and online discussion forums. But their packed work schedules often make it difficult for professionals to learn AI by gathering information from various online sources. The smarter professionals prefer attending conferences, seminars, and workshops to learn and discuss various aspects of AI technologies. Such events even create opportunities for professional to discuss AI use cases and application with experts, researchers, and industry leaders.

The professionals can gather information about relevant conferences from varied online sources. But a number of studies suggest that a large percentage of professionals nowadays gather information about upcoming conferences, seminars, or workshops by receiving conference alert in India. The term conference alert refers to the email notifications sent by dedicated websites to their subscribers. The conference alerts even contain detailed information about the event, along with a direct link to official website of the conference.

Hence, the professionals prefer receiving conference alert in India by subscribing to reliable websites. While subscribing to the websites, they have option to specify their areas of interest. The website uses the information as the primary criteria to decide a conference is relevant for a particular subscriber or not. Hence, the website sends accurate information about relevant conferences to each subscriber. Some popular websites even allow professionals to become subscribers and receive conference alerts in India without paying any registration fees.

Many professionals opt for conference alert in India to receive information about relevant conferences without putting extra time, effort, and money. They even subscribe to multiple websites to gather information about more conferences, seminars, and workshops on a regular basis. However, many professional still find it daunting to attend conferences at regular interval due to their professional responsibilities and packed work schedules. But they still receive conference alert in India regularly with the intention to attend relevant conferences.

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