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  • November 22, 2018

Email Alerts – How Quick-Witted Organizers Make the Most of Them to Publicize an Upcoming Conference

The Upcoming conference open the doors to be cognizant of the fast-developing market trends based on the informative and comprehensive presentations put forward by industry stalwarts, researchers and scholars. Over and above that, conferences generate opportunities for one to collaborate with a community of professionals within the industry and partake in discussions related to the latest innovations and futuristic trends.

However, sometimes jam-packed work schedules and high-priority work commitments prevent professionals from gathering timely information about important upcoming conferences. In such a situation what would someone do?

There are sundry dedicated websites that enable organizers by a by a great many numbers of means to embark on an efficacious promotion of an upcoming conference, a seminar, a workshop, a symposium or an event through a varied range of online communication channels. They empower the organizers to post vital pieces of information about their upcoming conferences.

The organizers can have recourse to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reroute substantial amount of traffic to the conference website. Alternatively, they can take advantage of social networking platforms to promote an upcoming conference and ensure a sizeable audience turnout.

But the dynamic and intelligent organizers are increasingly relying on announcing and promoting major forthcoming conferences and events by distributing emails to the intended audience. Emails lend a helping hand to the organizers to deliver the all-encompassing vital facets of an upcoming conference such as schedule, topic of discussion, venue, panel of keynote speakers and abstract submission methods.

The cardinal motive behind every upcoming conference alert is to get in touch with more and more prospective attendees and establish a connectivity link with the targeted participants who express eagerness to involve themselves in the conference. The organizers can engage in disseminating emails to convey the relevant information to these large numbers of potentially interested users.

A shedload of recently conducted researches indicates that email intimation of an upcoming conference is more effective than the social media as far as passing on the appropriate and accurate information to the users is concerned.

Surveys conducted by McKinsey put on record that email alerts are more efficacious mediums of contacting and acquiring a profusion of earnest conference visitors – almost 40 times more than even the formidable duo of Facebook and Twitter combined. Also, it demonstrates the fact that purchases precipitated through emails comprise of nearly three times that of social media. Even the number of average purchase orders put through emails is found to be 17% higher.

Leading websites like make it plain-sailing for organizers to set afloat campaigns through email promotional in an expeditious, efficient and affordable manner. The sole requirement of these websites from the organizers is to post all-inclusive details of the upcoming conferences. One can easily subscribe to a reputed and trustworthy website like to monitor and garner relevant conference focused information by receiving email alerts.

In addition to the email conference alerts, these websites also provide direct access to notices and news postings to subscribers who are keen on attending the upcoming conferences. Not just conference particulars like country, industry and topic are published. The websites even come to the aid of the subscribers to successfully register for the event. In this way, the organizers can leverage on the email notifications to offer publicity to the conferences without the need to put extra time, effort and money.

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