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Major .Net Conferences to Attend in 2018
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  • June 13, 2018

Major .NET Conferences to Attend in 2018

In 2016, Microsoft replaced .NET Framework with .NET Core. In addition to being open source, .NET Core further runs on three major platforms – Windows, Linux and macOS. In 2017, Microsoft released .NET Core 2.0 with a number of new class libraries and over 20000 new APIs. .NET Core enables developers to applications for varied devices by using ASP.NET Core. Likewise, it simplifies cross-platform mobile app development by including a robust tool like Xamarin.

Hence, it becomes essential for software developers to keep track of the changes made to .NET technology by Microsoft. The .NET conferences enable developers to learn new aspects of .NET Core, while interacting with programmers, software developers, tech specialists, and project managers. The developers can further attend relevant conferences to learn .NET development tips and best practises and track the emerging industry trends. The developers must consider attending these conventional and virtual .NET Conferences in 2018.

7 Major .NET Conferences Developers Must Attend in 2018

  1. Microsoft Build 2018

Schedule: 7th May 2018 to 9th May 2018

Location: Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.

Each year Microsoft announces an array of new technologies at its annual developer event. The developers can always consider attending Microsoft Build 2018 to know about the next versions of .NET Core, C#, ASP.NET Core, and Visual Studio. The upcoming developer even includes special sessions on developing iOS, Android, and Windows apps by leveraging .NET and C# skills. The participants even get a chance to interact with Microsoft engineers over 350 technical sessions and interactive workshops.

  1. Norwegian Developers Conference

Schedule: 11th June 2018 to 15th June 2018

Location: Oslo Spektrum, Norway

In addition to being a prominent .NET Conference in Europe, Norwegian Developers Conference also takes place in several locations. The Oslo edition of the upcoming conference will include several sessions on various .NET technologies. At the same time, the event will further help the participants to discuss cloud, big data, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), agile, DevOps, security, and JavaScript. The developers must attend the Norwegian Developers Conference to learn various aspects of .NET along with some of the emerging and disruptive technologies.

  1. Microsoft Inspire

Schedule: 15th July 2018 to 19th July 2018

Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center and T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

The largest Microsoft partner event brings together industry experts, Microsoft personnel and partners from various regions. Microsoft Inspire even allows participants avail expert advice from Microsoft experts, while discussing key .NET technologies.

  1. .NET Conf

Schedule: To be announced

Location: Virtual Conference

Every year Microsoft organizes the virtual conference to make .NET professionals connect and interact with each other from varied locations. The participants can further learn various aspects of .NET technologies through sessions conducted by community experts and product teams. Microsoft further allows developers to live stream .NET Conf and watch recorded sessions from .NET Conf 2017.

  1. Microsoft Connect();

Schedule: Virtual conference

Location: Virtual conference

Like .NET Conf, Connect(); is also a virtual conference organized by Microsoft. The .NET professionals can attend the virtual conference at their own pace and convenience. Microsoft even allows them to stream various sessions anytime and anywhere. Hence, the .NET professionals must become a part of Connect(); to keep track of the latest version of .NET technologies and monitor the emerging trends in .NET development.

  1. Techorama 2018

Schedule: 22nd May 2018 to 24th May 2018

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

The 2018 edition of Techorama aims to bring over 1500 developers, data professionals, IT professionals, and SharePoint professionals together. The participants even get a chance to learn the emerging technologies and trends by attending 10 workshops conducted by eminent instructors. The professionals attending Techorama 2018 can further discuss .NET performance tools, ASP.NET Core and AngularJS, C#, SQL Server 2016, and cloud-based development and deployment.

  1. DevSum18

Schedule: 31st May 2018 to 1st June 2018

Location: Folkets Hus, Stockholm

The relatively lesser known tech conference enables participants to discuss a wide range of technologies and trends including .NET. The 2018 edition of DevSum will include sessions on code review, ASP.NET Core RESTful services and AngularJS integration, .NET Code Style, and Xamarin.  The participants also get an opportunity to learn ASP.NET Core, AngularJS, UX design, and software architecture visualization by attending a number of pre-conference workshops on 30th May 2018.

On the whole, the programmers and testers have option to attend many .NET conferences in 2018. But the schedule and location of individual .NET conferences differ. Hence, the .NET professionals may find it difficult to attend these conferences on a regular basis. But they can always participate in the virtual .NET conferences without putting extra time and effort. Also, they can easily register for the upcoming .NET conferences in 2018 through their official websites.

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