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business ethics conference
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  • February 02, 2016

List of Popular Business Ethics Conferences in 2018

Business ethics Conferences in 2018 deals with the subject of moral or ethical problems which often arise in a business environment, and needs to be addressed with every bit of concern. Business ethics is applicable to almost all aspects of a business environment, and highly relevant to conduct of individuals or business organizations as a whole.

The dimensions bound by business ethics are both normative (concepts oriented to effecting an action) and descriptive. Normative dimension of business ethics is pursued as a career specialization and corporate practice; descriptive dimension, on the other hand, is pursued by academics which dedicate themselves towards understanding of business behaviors. The quantity and range of business ethical issues determines interaction of profit maximizing behaviours associated with non economic concerns. The 1980s and 1990s saw a dramatic acceleration in the interest in business ethics conferences, both within academics and major corporations. As an example, almost all major corporations today attribute their commitment to non economic values under titles like social responsibility and ethical codes. Governments all around the globe frequently use laws to regulate business behaviors towards directions what they deem to be beneficial for both society and markets. Business ethics regulate areas which is way beyond the scope of government control. Rapid emergence of giant corporations with their limited sensitivity towards communities in which they operate and limited relationships with other stakeholders in business operations accelerated evolution of formal ethics system.

Business ethics certainly cover a wide range of area in major businesses. From financial sectors (this includes technical issues like mix of equity and debt, appraisal of alternative investment projects, dividend policy, portfolio diversification etc.), human resource management, trade unions, management strategies, production, property, sales and marketing to other issues like trading practices, financial contracting, trading conditions, sales practice, internal and external audit, etc, business ethics carries paramount importance to all these areas of business organizations. The approach of different organizations towards these issues also differs based on the kind of markets they are associated with. To call for a universal platform for joint and common business ethical regimes, global conferences in 2018 are organized every year which are attended by delegates of corporations and government regulators alike.

Business Ethics Conferences in 2018

28th International Conference on Economics and Finance Research (ICEFR), Taipei, Taiwan will draw in delegates from almost all major corporations with global ambitions for sharing their experiences and ideas with their counterparts. These conferences in 2018 also lead to development of a founding stone for future establishment of business relations or in areas of research.

63rd International Conference on Economics and Business Research (ICEBR-2016), Hong Kong, is in short a global platform, which like ICEFR will allow delegates to share ideas and experiences in person with their other counterparts, who will also join this conference from other major corporations. These conferences in 2018 will then be continues all over the world on a regular basis to make sure that the purpose of this platform is best served.

The month of August will host around 6 ICEBR events in cities like Hong Kong, Istanbul, Mexico City, Putrajaya, Doha and Kuala Lampur. The month of September will host another three ICEBR events at New Delhi, Chennai and Abu Dhabi. This shift in hosting events towards Eastern hemisphere also marks a paradigm shift in business operations, which have now flocked to the East. Global corporations both from West and homegrown Eastern corporations thus receive a unique opportunity to share their ideas on a joint platform, and thus leads to better understanding of business operations and ethical grounds in which they operate. These conferences in 2018 also reduce the differences between organizations which are beneficial in exploring markets or for future tie-ups for the sake of providing better acclaimed products.

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