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Upcoming conference 2016
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  • February 01, 2016

Attending a conference for the first time

When it comes to career path during college or when in the stages of career blooming to the right path then it is high time that one should start attending conferences. Conferences help one to learn from others without having to read much which though helpful is pretty time consuming, this helps one to improve their own skills and also add more value to their bank of knowledge in their field of choice. This also makes them to engage more in their field of study, and get their doubts cleared and moreover find the right person to get mentorship from. The conferences will also help one to network and widen their circle better. This helps them in many ways.

When it comes to one’s first attending conferences, it would be on a pretty nervous way. But if in case you’re attending your first conference and adding the fuel, if you’re attending it alone without a partner to company, this post is for you.

Here are ways to go through and survive the first conference.

Plan aheadPlan and get your topics of the talk ready. Keep yourself organized with topics that you would be talking about, if it is lengthy, you can also use a large sheet of paper with points that would remind you what to talk or even use an app with notes.

Dress well: It is important to dress well and be presentable in your first attending conferences. This makes you more confident than usual. It also helps you to be comfortable, and helps you to wither away the fear instantly. When it comes to conference, usually the room is filled with well dressed suits than anyone looking normal. So, before attending a conference, check with formal suits and shoes to wear. Make the better of your first impression, carry laptop or notes with pens so that you look complete and prepared for a conference.

Formally introduce and get to know other speakers: Once you’re dressed well, second is to make an impact. It is better to know details before hand, if possible homework on those who will attend the conference along with you. Read about their background, work history, experience in the field, and their part of expertise which will give enough input to start your conversation with them. You will find it easy and also, they will be impressed instantly when they get to know those who know them in prior.

Talk to the people around you: Also, ensure to talk to the audience before hand and understand what is their expectation from the conference which might help enough connection with the audience, it makes them feel good and this is also a sort of networking. You get to talk to more people and make an impact than any other. Talking to others helps one to socialize and make an impact.

Keep the public informed and ask what they want: You can also talk to those who will be interested in such attending conferences, and ask them what they might be interested in knowing which will also help in getting details about their requirements from the speaker. Inform that you would be speaking, and get to know people who will visit for you. This gives more confidence and audience which will add a good dose of confidence and also, the sense of giving 100% to the conference.

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