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Software Testing Conferences
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  • November 09, 2017

Software Testing Conferences 2018 India

Conferences 2018 India, The user experience delivered by a software application determines its popularity and profitability. Most enterprises nowadays deploy skilled testers to improve user experience and prevent user abandonment by evaluating various aspects of the software elaborately. The testing professionals have to perform a variety of tests and repeat the tests under varying user conditions to produce accurate and reliable test results.

Likewise, they need to use the right test automation tools to accelerate the software testing process and generate high quality test results. But it is also important for software testing professionals to monitor and implement the emerging trends in software testing. The software testing conferences make it easier for testing professional to understand and discuss the various software testing tools, best practices, and trends. A testing professional in India also has option to attend a number of Software Testing Conferences 2017 in India.

5 Important Software Testing Conferences for Testers in 2018 in India

1) World Conference Next Generation Testing 2018

Schedule: 20th July 2017 – 21st July 2017

Venue: Le Meridien, Bangalore

The World Conference Next Generation Testing 2017 aims to explore the depth and breadth of software testing by bring together software developers, testing professionals, and project managers from leading IT organizations. A participant also gets a chance to understand the advanced software testing methods and emerging software testing trends through multiple technical sessions and workshops.


Schedule: 31st August 2017 to 1st September 2017

Venue: Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

The 14th international conference on software testing aims to prepare software testing professionals for the new development environment centred on social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC). In addition to learning various software testing tips and best practices, the participants can also learn how to test new-age software applications with conventional software testing methods and existing software testing frameworks. Also, the testers can learn how to accelerate software testing by leveraging new tools and advanced testing methods.

3) XP Conference 2017

Schedule: 17th November 2017 to 18th November 2017

Venue: Bangalore

The organizers postponed the schedule of 3rd Annual XP Conference to 17th and 18th November due to some unforeseeable circumstances. The conference enables testing professionals to attend over 25 technical sessions and earn credits. At the same time, the participants also get a chance to learn from real experience and understand top agile technical themes. The XP Conference India further covers a number of relevant themes – core technical practices, team technical practices, continuous integration, continuous delivery, agile testing practices, unit testing best practices, test-driven development (TDD) and DevOps.

4) International Software Testing Conference

Schedule: 7th December 2017 to 8th December 2017

Venue: The Park Plaza, Sy #90/4 Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Munnekollalu Village, Bengaluru

The two-day event will help QA professionals to learn how to evaluate software application effectively in a digital environment transformed by emerging technologies like social media, mobile, cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things (IoT). The The International Software Testing Conference organized by STC further focuses exclusively on a very important theme – Building Digital Quality: Testing in the age of Digital Convergence & Disruption.

5) TechBhubaneswar

Schedule: 10th December 2017

Location: Hotel Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

The testers, who have not attended any of the important software testing conferences in 2017, must consider attending the technical conference scheduled to be held in December. The single-day conference organized by Mindfire Solutions aims to bring software developers and testers from various regions together. A participant can attend the conference to know about latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), mobile & web, open source and cloud, in addition to software testing through panel discussions and technical sessions.

On the whole, a testing professional has option to attend a number of software testing conferences in India according to his work schedule and location. But he must attend software testing conferences on a regular basis to understand various software testing best practices and emerging software testing trends.

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