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  • August 09, 2017

Promote Your Upcoming Conference through Conference Listing

The search engines and social networking platforms have made it easier for organizers to promote a variety of events – Upcoming conferences, seminars and workshops. An organizer can use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to divert visitors to the conference websites from popular search engines like Google and Bing. Likewise, he can promote the event on popular social networking platform to reach out to more audience. But the organizer must promote the conference by targeting the relevant audience to ensure maximum turnout.

The conference listing option provided by certain websites help organizers to promote their conferences, seminars, or workshops by targeting the relevant audience. Many professionals, students, researchers, and academicians visit these reputable websites regularly to gather information about upcoming conferences. The conference listing option enables organizers to convey important information – topic, schedule, venue, keynote speakers and abstraction submission process – to the visitors who are really interested in attending conferences.

At the same time, the websites also convey details of upcoming conference to subscribers by sending conference alerts. These conference alerts are personalized emails which are sent to individual subscribers to convey information about relevant conferences. Based on the information posted by a subscriber at the time of subscribing, the website determines the relevance of a conference for each subscriber. Also, it sends emails only to relevant subscribers. Hence, the emails alters convey information about a conference to subscribers who are more likely to attend the event.

An organizer can take advantage of conference listing to promote a variety of events – Upcoming conferences, seminars and workshops. He can even display information about the conference to website visitors simply by completing an online form. The websites even allow organizers to include the URL of the official conference website. Hence, a visitor can easily visit the conference website to avail additional information about the event. That is why; many organizers prefer conference listing to conventional digital marketing techniques like search engine optimization and social media promotion.


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