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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a new event to ICA?
ust visit our home page, and click on the Add Event option. You have to follow some simple steps to add your upcoming event to the website for free.

What information I must provide while adding a new event?
You can always provide more information about the event to convey detailed information to the subscribers and website visitors. While adding a new event, you must provide important details like data, place, type of event, topic, deadline for submitting papers, contact person, and URL of the event website.

Does charge organizers for listing their events?
An organizer can list his upcoming events on our website without paying any fees. But each organizer can use his account to list up to 50 events per year.

When will the event appear on ICA?
The event will appear on our website within 24 hours from the completion time the event is added. Each time an organizer adds an event, ICA will send an email to his registered email id. He must click on the appropriate link to validate the registration.

Is there any option to modify details of listed events?
We allow organizers to modify the listed events to convey more relevant information to the subscribers. As organizer can make changes to the listed event after logging into the organizer dashboard by using the email id and password provided by ICA.

Does ICA provide any option to promote events?
We help organizers to promote their upcoming events by targeting the most relevant audience. Each organizer can simply send an email to to know available advertisement options in detail.

For Conference/Event Alerts Subscribers

How to subscribe to ICA?
Just click on the Subscribe option on our home page, and follow some simple steps to complete the registration process.

How to find conferences through ICA?
We will send email alerts to inform you about upcoming conferences and workshops based on your requirements like date, place, topic, and date of last registration. Alternately, you can use the search option on your home page to find relevant conferences and workshops.

Is subscription to ICA free?
You can subscribe to our website without paying any registration or membership fees. Also, we will send you conference alert for life without making any payment in future.

Can a conference organizer subscribe to
We allow an individual to open and operate both organizer and subscriber accounts at a time. But he has to use the organizer account to promote upcoming conferences or workshop, whereas the subscriber account will enable him to receive conference alert.

How can I promote the Event ??
Does ICA provide specific options for promoting conferences?
We help promoters to promote their events by targeting the most relevant audience. The promoter also has option to choose from a number of promotion options provided by our website. Learn about our promotion options.

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